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__Recovering that sword from paradise, the wings are cut and thrown away__

Homicidal Blonde attack [v.1.0]

らくえん ~Fanatic~ .:. The LJ Krad Fangroup
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Welcome to らくえん ~Fanatic~ the Livejournal fangroup for the sadistic and homicidal anime/manga character Krad Hikari.

Who is Krad Hikari?
Well if you don't know this, I'm not sure why you're here. But I'll explain anyways! Krad is Dark Mousy's rival, complete opposite, and sworn enemy from D.N.Angel created by Yukiru Sugisaki (see bunnysensei). He, too, is hundreds of years old, but still looks like he is merely a teenaged boy. He looks very elegant and aristocratic. He is cold, harsh, evil, and obsessive. He belives what's his is his (aka Satoshi-sama!).

I don't understand the journal name, mind explaining?
I got the journal name and title from Krad's vocal song from the anime:
Rakuen ~Fanatic~
We're going to write your amibition in a room with no windows
I'm going to paint the crime of love's high stag
Recovering that sword from paradise
The wings are cut and thrown away
The soul and the heart will also meet and will become the eternity of paradise
Dance frantically and black tears will run down
Ah... It's beautiful
We're going to reach the pleasure
What is weak also hurts
Avoid those wings in the threshold to lie down
Now for a beloved figure
It's ok to be happy, you have to overflow, and extract the desire
In that moment since we started to prey at that bell which give that sound.
Ah... It's beautiful

Who can/can't join?
-Anyone who is a Krad Hikari fangirl!!
-Anyone who likes the D.N.Angel series
-Anyone who has some other reason to be here?
-Flames are not allowed

1.Be friendly: this is to be a nice friendly community! I'm not saying debates aren't allowed, but in all if there is fighting, there will be warnings. If that doesn't work, people will be booted. Don't want to be mean, but I want everyone to be nice. <3
2.Don't spam others friends pages. (see 'Posting Rules' for details)
3.If you are anti-Dark, anti-anime, or whatever, simply don't join. If you join and post about how stupid it is blah blah blah then I will personally take care of you. <3
4.Don't complain about shounen-ai/yaoi/yuri/ect. First off, if you don't like it.. Why are you reading an Asuka/Yukriu series? Second, you have the freedom to ignore it, so use it.

Posting Rules
-You may post anything D.N.Angel/Krad/wtfever related
-Community whoring is allowed.. But only if it is on subject
-Off subject posts are allowed, but not really the most appreciated most of the time
-Any large pictures, articles, ect.; post them behind a LJ cut. Not sure how to do it? Ask me or someone else.. Some people a.don't want pictures all over their friends page, b.have slow connections. So don't spam others friends pages
-If there is R/NC-17/yaoi/yuri/ect. materials you're posting, put it behind and LJ Cut with a warning

Anything else?
Just have fun! And share the Dark love! Currently the community if just being opened up. So I still need to really sit down adn rewrite this, just some temporary stuff. Ya know? And I hope on fixing up the journal itself sometime soona dmaking it pretty and full of Dark and stuff! xD

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Community mod is: kuroi_kaitou [ Alyssa ]