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Fic: Equation (PG, D.N.Angel, Krad, Satoshi/Daisuke)

Title: Equation
Author: Yami no Kaiba
Fandom: D.N.Angel
Rating: PG
Character(s)/Pairing: Krad, Satoshi/Daisuke

Summary: Krad can do the math.
Disclaimers: I do not own the characters or the concepts of D.N.Angel. Yukiru Sugisaki owns them.


It’s a very simple equation, he knows.

Krad wants to live. To live, his Satoshi-sama needs to be in a state of unrequited love. His Satoshi-sama loves the Niwa child.

The Niwa child may or may not love his Satoshi-sama back.

Should the boy love his Satoshi-sama back, he--Krad--will cease to live. Permanently, for there will be no other child of the Hikari line should the two come together.

Therefore, Niwa is nothing but a threat to his existence, whether or not the boy truly does love Krad’s pretty tamer.

All threats to his life must be eradicated.

A very simple equation, as he knows.

Satoshi-sama is his everything at the moment, for there are no other Hikaris that he can feel at the edges of his senses left on this world.

He needs Satoshi-sama to propagate to live, and for that Satoshi-sama will need to fall in love with a female. Yet, with his heart already set on Niwa, there are few options left for Krad to use.

Killing the boy is the fastest way, not to mention the added bonus it would have of killing Dark for this generation--and perhaps permanently, if that Emiko lady should not manage to give birth again.

Niwa Daisuke is a threat to his existence. It is not unreasonable to kill to survive. Why his Satoshi-sama does not see it that way is beyond him. Is this not the human concept of self-defense? To strike and fell those that would do you grievous harm?

He will dispose of this threat, and his tamer will move on to a female. But for now, he will allow this little drama to continue, for it suits his purpose to live.

And that’s really his only driving point in existence.

Hikaris and Niwas come and go. But he and Dark can live forever, should the blood of their creators continue to flow in mortal veins.

And all he really wants is to live.

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