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Fic: Fogged Perception, Epilogue (NC-17, D.N. Angel, Krad/Satoshi & Satoshi/Daisuke)

For the original story, go here: Fogged Perception.

Title: Fogged Perception, Epilogue
Author: Yami no Kaiba
Fandom: D.N.Angel
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Krad/Satoshi, Satoshi/Daisuke

Summary: Satoshi may have done something extreme, but he can't remember what. Krad, however, remembers everything.
Disclaimers: I do not own the characters or the concepts of D.N.Angel. Yukiru Sugisaki owns them.
Warning: Satoshi does things that are not to be considered healthy. And Krad is as insane as I always depict him.


Krad watched with cold-blooded pleasure as the little Wing Master slumped, dead weight caught by the simplicity that was gravity, to sprawl like a broken doll to the floor once his hands let go. The mop of red hair fluttered oh so delicately about, the short hairs easily manipulated by the gentle breeze that was still shifting the plaster dust about in little eddies.

Crouching, he felt his mouth quirk into a smirk, as he raked his eyes over the form. Stupid, idiotic Niwa *child*, thinking he would be safe in Krad's presence...

Reaching forth, Krad let his fingers take hold of that white crisp collar in one hand, and braced against the dead child's shoulder with the other. The scene was horrific and traumatic, true, but it wasn't *perfect*. It still needed those small, artistic touches that that drew the eye, that brought beauty to the ordinary.

Upper lip curling back to show the barest hint of his cutting smile, Krad pulled back, eyes fluttering in pleasure as he felt the cloth tear under his hands, hear the threads strain and give under the lightest of his strength.

Chuckling under his breath, Krad conjured a blade of yellow energy into his hand.

It was time to get to the real work.


"Damn you Krad," Satoshi-sama whispered, catching his attention to his love's current ramblings.

Gold eyes raising from the expanse of white skin under his hands, he raised a mocking brow at the boy. "Silly Satoshi-sama... You should watch your words, you *are* damning yourself, after all," he smirked at the spark of anger that flared briefly in those dark blue eyes before the boy wrapped the response away into the depths of his heart.

He hummed, shifting his position on top of Satoshi to grind against the boy, getting an unwilling moan for his effort. "You're getting better at that, Satoshi-sama," he teased, eyes glinting maliciously as he trailed a nail hard enough to leave a red welt along one of the boy's trapped arms. "Suppressing your emotions... Maybe one day you'll be able to do the same to me," he joked, rubbing a dusky little nipple into hardness and making Satoshi squirm.

The blue-haired boy gasped, and Krad took the invitation to plunder that wonderfully inviting mouth, going so far as to make Satoshi gag and struggle instinctively beneath him. He purred appreciatively, nudging a tightly closed fist open to slip his fingers between the boy's own. Satoshi was thrashing now, little helpless muffled mewls coming from that wonderfully arched throat that Krad just had to pet and wrap his hand around, firmly enough to feel the vibration of that wonderful sound --

Smiling wickedly against those lips, Krad tightened lightly, watching in pleasure at the bare, naked panic that glittered in those blue eyes. He held the boy just like that for interminable seconds, feeling the way the boy quivered as the body under him strained, felt the wetness blossoming through the material of boy's boxers, could feel the vibration in that gorgeous throat as it strained against his hand, the way those eyes rolled back and those lovely long eyelashes fluttered as the mewls changed pitch and length --

He pulled back from the boy's mouth, let go of that pretty throat, and heard the most wonderful, beautiful scream he'd ever heard in his hundreds of years of life.

Perfect. His perfect, beautiful Satoshi-sama.

Even after Satoshi stopped screaming, and his tamer was panting softly with half-lidded, satiated eyes, the boy's body still shuddered under him, the intensity of the boy's orgasm having been too much to release all in one go.

Smiling softly, Krad reached out to feel the soft feathery texture of that pale blue hair. "But I doubt you'll want to forget your love for your little pet just to get rid of me."


Shifting back on his heels, Krad eyed his masterpiece with a knowledgeable eye taking in the scene.

It was almost finished. It just needed one more touch.

Smiling wickedly, Krad reached forward once more.


Snarling, Krad shot a magic bolt at the growing shell of ice, knowing that the ice encasing his legs was already too thick to break.

And beyond the wall was Satoshi-sama, eyes glittering with the gold of his own magic, merely standing there with a vacant expression as frost laced and layered the air between them, thickening to become the deep blue of the purest ice.

Krad wasn't stupid. He knew what the boy was doing.

After all, it took *love* to awaken the curse of the Hikari, and Krad had never been fool enough to ignore the truth of the situation, that his Satoshi-sama loved the foolish Niwa boy. And now it was that same love that was being used to bind him.

He hadn't even known that his host had realized the very *nature* of love, which the boy would have had to learn in order to use this magic, to use it against Krad here.

And even as Krad threw bolt after bolt of magic to shatter the growing barrier between them, the ice around his legs was crawling and writhing up his frame, numbing him from the outside in.

Still, the irony of the entire situation -- absolutely delicious. For the safety of his precious little Niwa boy, Satoshi-sama was repressing his love for the boy, suppressing Krad as thoroughly as possible --

To the point his Tamer was wiping his mind of Krad's very *existence*.

"You're a fool, Satoshi-sama," he hissed, his eyes narrowed in concentration as he delved to the deepest of his magical reservoirs for resistance. "I am *here* and I will *always* be here, no matter what you try to do!"

"You're wrong," the boy said listlessly, gold-rimmed blue eyes staring emotionlessly at him even as a small shard of ice from the last blast flew past and left a streak of red on a pale cheek. "With this, you will no longer matter."

The very *stupidity* of that statement. A mocking smile curled his lips, and he couldn't stop the laughter building in him --

And he lowered his hands to drape elegantly beside him.

He stopped resisting, and merely *laughed* as the ice, unimpeded as he withdrew his natural aura of magic to curl into the very core of his being, snapped and cracked as it raced up his frame, hungrily expanding it's territory to engulf him.

"I will kill him," he said, not in a whisper, not in a raised voice. He said it exactly as he would any other statement. For it would *be*, he saw. For now, for *now* --

His Satoshi-sama was handing him the very keys to utterly break his Tamer and make the boy *his* in every sense of the word.

He knew his Tamer. The boy was a creature of perfection, and he would not stop at merely forgetting everything about his other half. He would make *sure* that he could never remember about Krad --

And thus, he would forget why he couldn't allow himself to fall in love again.

As the ice reached his throat, numbing and freezing his vocal chords, his laughter still echoed across the mental plane they shared.

Krad was old, and he knew the value of patience. He could wait a little longer in this prison of ice.

He closed his golden eyes, a smile curling his lips as the ice took him back into the darkness.


Smiling maliciously at his hands, anticipation running through his veins, Krad relinquished control of the body, and settled back to watch as Satoshi-sama woke from the sleep his bespelled mind had forced upon him.

He could feel the boy's sleepy frustration and confusion as the blue eyes blinked sluggishly at waking up in an unfamiliar situation, the discomfort of sticky hands and forearms causing the boy to glance down --

The cold shock that flushed the boy's system was worth every second of the captivity the boy had forced on him.


The ice was melting.

Krad could feel the smallest eddying of warmth encasing the ice around him, melting it slowly but surely. Affection... An affection that bordered just the smallest amount onto love, and that love was growing with every drop of water it converted out of the ice. He could feel the warmth of it in his heart, suffusing him and chasing the cold frozenness out of his core and being --

But it wasn't directed at *him* but another, and that *infuriated* him.

Yet, it was an interminable amount of time before the ice finally cracked and burst, falling to the ground in irregular, innumerable pieces and Krad was free to move once more.

And that time -- days, weeks? Krad didn't know -- only banked and fed the fires of his hatred.


"Dai... suke?" Satoshi-sama whispered hollowly, childishly --

Brokenly, as he stared in wide-eyed disbelief at his arms covered in gore, the glint of white ribs cracked crazily from the force that had snapped them from the breast bone and forced them back against their natural curve. His equally gore and blood covered hands wrapped around Daisuke's heart.

Krad savored the feeling of the yawning, gapping *loss* and the bright edge of hysterical denial he could feel radiating from the boy. Laughing inwardly, he allowed his magic to create a construct of himself behind that hunched, shaking form.

Kneeling, Krad wrapped an arm around that slim waist, pulling the boy back against his chest. He ignored the startled gasp as he peered over one skinny shoulder as those gore covered arms jerked back, ripping the prize they clutched out of the gapping cavity it had been tied into. Blood spurted weakly out of the torn veins and arteries, splattering Satoshi's clothes and face.

Satoshi's head jerked away from the macabre scene to turn his way. Wide, hysteric, confused blue eyes in a red splattered pale face --

Ultimately vulnerable. Ultimately delicious.

Krad smiled his best benevolent smile, as his white wings rustled and arched to encompass them. "You killed him," he whispered, allowing a touch of reproach to enter his eyes.

"NO!" the boy screeched, his frame exploding into the movement that the shock had denied him as he attempted to crawl and writhe away from the clothed chest at his back and the arm around his waist.

Krad merely tightened his hold, and threaded the fingers of his other hand through those blue tresses. "You did. There's no denying it, Satoshi-sama." He paused to let it sink in, to savor the despair that was gripping the boy and the self-hatred that flared as strong as the heartache that the loss had caused.

The fight gradually slipped away from Satoshi's frame, leaving it shaking in Krad's hold. "But... I didn't... I don't..."

"You don't remember?" Krad finished for him, humming lightly as he petted the boy's hair. "I know. Just as I know that you didn't mean it, Satoshi-sama."

The best part was that none of what he said was a lie. In a way, Satoshi-sama *had* killed Daisuke, just by loving the Niwa boy once more. Truth, as Krad had always known, was the best of lies.

Satoshi shuddered, keening in the back of his throat as he dropped the heart from his hands and turned fully to clutch with bloody at Krad's white clothes.

Krad's eyes narrowed in malicious pleasure as he drew the boy closer, allowing the boy to hide his tears as his Tamer cried on Krad's shoulder. He made soothing noises as he petted the boy's blue hair lightly, and murmured truthful lies of assurance into the delicate curved structure of a pale ear as the boy cried himself into silence.

"I'll always be here, Satoshi-sama," he murmured once more, letting his fingers slide through the silk of the boy's hair and rub soothing circles along the boy's spine.

"Who are you?" Satoshi whispered in a raw voice from the encasement of Krad's arms, emotionally drained and leaning all his weight on the angel's frame.

Closing his eyes, Krad tilted his head to the side slightly as he felt the boy radiating a familiar feeling. It was small, the tiniest budding, but Krad knew from experience that in time it would blossom.

Affection, just bordering the smallest amount on love, and it was directed at *him*.

Smiling at the irony, he stopped petting the boy's hair to brush the pad of his thumb against the soft skin of a still wet cheek as he replied, "My name is Krad, Satoshi-sama."

The boy shuddered in his arms, the spell Satoshi had placed on himself weeks ago attempting to erase this new knowledge from the teen's mind --

Krad easily dissected the spell weave and with astral hands, snipped and removed the one thread that blocked new specific information related to the Hikari curse from being learned and processed by his Tamer.

Satoshi's frame calmed under his hands, and the boy's hands clenched tighter around the material they gripped. "Thank you, Krad," the boy whispered, eyes still downcast.

Eyes sharpening in laughter, Krad made sure to keep his amusement out of his voice. "It was my pleasure, Satoshi-sama. My pleasure."

-- Fin.
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